Monday, June 4, 2012

First Birthday Shoot/First Blog Post!

What better way to kick off my first official blog post with a sneak peek from a recent first birthday session? Okay, I know tons of my friends are rolling their eyes. I've started so many blogs. I've made excuses. I've never maintained. But this time is different. 

My life was changed when I attended an amazing photography workshop put on by creativeLIVE recently. It was led by the incomparable Jules Bianchi of Jules Bianchi Photography and her equally talented marketing guru twin sister, Joy. Over the course of three days, they inspired me, they validated me and they gave me a renewed sense of excitement for making my photography studio more successful. I am truly grateful for that experience. 

I am even more grateful for the growing handful of clients who have been faithful to me and have believed in my work from the very beginning. Like Randi, Kara's awesome mom. (Kara is that little sweetheart pictured above.) Her mom and I went to high school together. We sang in choir together. We grew up then reconnected. Then I shot her engagement session. Then her wedding (which was on my birthday two years ago so I never forget her anniversary!). And now I am taking pictures of her child. I am blessed to have clients I have developed an ongoing relationship with who appreciate my work and continue to come back to me. I love seeing their lives unfold and love giving them something to remember those moments with.

Happy 1st Birthday, Kara! Can't wait to watch you grow some more!

(I also need to give a huge shout out to my uncle, Michael Bunch, for telling me about this workshop and suggesting I submit a video to be considered as a live studio audience member. I never would had this experience if it hadn't been for him. Thanks, Michael!)

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