Monday, December 10, 2012

Claire D. - A Model Mom-to-Be

Claire and I were in choir together in high school. We were also in Physics senior year. I was reminded of her obsession with all things red in this shoot and it brought to mind another fading memory of our adolescence. She had this lip gloss that was in a little pot. It was sheer red and I remember wanting it on the spot. I totally copied her and bought it the next day. 

Years have past and she still has a "thing" for red. She is expecting not one, but two girls and she was positively radiant in this shoot. I love everything about these images and I couldn't have asked for a more lovely subject. And her hubby, Jeff, was such a sport and cooperated with all my direction and both of them even appreciated a recently-acquired joke that I wouldn't tell just any clients. Annnnd, when viewing the shoe image, I made a subtle reference to the viral YouTube sensation entitled "Shoes" and she got it! I didn't even have to explain it to her! She doesn't know it (well, now she does) but that made us BFF's for life.

Feast your eyes on some gorgeousness.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm Heading Back to creativeLIVE!!!!!

First, I need to thank creativeLIVE for bringing such incredible continuing education to the masses for FREE. If you still don't know who they are and what they do, please go check them out at No matter what level you are at, there is always something to learn and even if you turn on a workshop for just 5 minutes, you are bound to learn at least one thing. You will walk away wiser. I guarantee it. And the community they are building among alumni of their workshops is the first genuine online photography community I have ever been a part of. I am honored to be called back to be in another workshop.

This time, I'll be learning Lori Nordstrom's Real Kids System. I am so excited for this. Children's photography is very near and dear to my heart. I love capturing children and their different personalities. I'm lucky enough to be blessed with two of my own to experiment with, which I do, relentlessly, often to their chagrin. I can't wait to learn more about marketing this product within my business. Photographer friends, you need to watch this. If you've never watched a creativeLIVE workshop, let this be your first. Plus, you'll be able to see my shining face learning right along side you! Visit for more information on how to enroll and where to watch!
In honor of my participation, here are some sweeties to feast your eyes upon! Can't wait to learn and grow this weekend! Thank you, Lori, for selecting me! Can't wait to meet you!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Snyder Family • Gorgeous Fall Portraits

There is a park in North Bend that is full of sugar maples and oaks that change to the most beautiful blend of fall colors near the end of October and if one can dodge the rain, it is the perfect backdrop for family portraits. The Snyder family has been with me from the time I started out and it is clients like them that make my job awesome. Of course, it helps that they are all model quality individuals!!

I have been pouring through Tamara Lackey's book, Envisioning Family, for inspiration. If you are a family photographer, this is a MUST for your book shelf. It is amazing!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Guess what? Yep, another creativeLIVE submission!

Children's photography is near and dear to my heart and it would be so incredible to be able to attend this workshop!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Feature • The Old Hen Bed & Breakfast • North Bend

A Social Media Love Story

Despite being in the same town, Old Hen owner, Deanna Morauski and I met via Twitter. I Instagrammed a picture of a little known river view in Snoqualmie and labeled it with the hashtag #snoqualmievalley...since my Instagram posts go to Twitter, she found my Tweet and replied to it. Before then, I never even knew about The Old Hen. We emailed back and forth a couple of times and then both of us had a succession of busy weeks. Finally, our stars aligned and Deanna invited me for breakfast. And when an owner of a bed & breakfast invites you for breakfast, you don't say no. 

Nestled in a quiet corner of North Bend, off of the historic Edgewick Road, The Old Hen feels lightyears away, even though it is just two exits up from downtown. Placed right smack dab in between Snoqualmie Pass and the city, it is an out of town skier's dream. Or, like me and my husband, a local mom and dad's perfect setting for a quick overnight staycation. Our anniversary is in March. We'll be booking the balcony suite!

The road in. 

I've arrived.

Deanna's social media component is refreshing. Many local business owners are simply not aware of the benefit of getting outside of the valley. And we aim to change that. Our community needs some more outside draw. What better way of doing this than cultivating solid followings via Twitter and Facebook? I love this about Deanna. She understands. She even has this sign on her front desk. Yes! We're now not only "Friends", we're actually friends! All because of Twitter.

Athough, I must say, being greeted by a delectable breakfast spread of Nutella-filled crepes, a puffy egg omelet, fresh orange juice and French-pressed coffee definitely helped! This woman can COOK. Which leads me to a very exciting tidbit...airing on October 27 on the Live Well Network, Deanna will be cooking along side host and former boy bander, Joey Fatone, on his new show My Home Recipe Rocks. Be sure to tune in!


I wanted seconds.
The Old Hen

The road out.

The Old Hen is located at 47150 SE 162nd St in North Bend. For more information, check out Go click 'Like' at and follow her on Twitter @TheOldHen.

I would like to start a chain of businesses working with each other to help build our audiences. If you are interested in being considered for a Friday Feature, please go 'Like' the business featured above and follow them on Twitter, if applicable. Do the same for me at and follow me on Twitter @KristinTetuan. Then get in touch with me via email and tell me a bit about you and what you have to offer! I'd love to meet you!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Katie M. • Acting Head Shots

I was recently contacted by Thumbtack to let me know that I had been chosen to be featured on one of their landing pages as a Spotlight vendor. I have been active on Thumbtack for awhile but had never actually pursued any of the leads I received. It was time to try it out. When I got the lead from Katie that she was looking for a head shot photographer for some acting head shots she needed ASAP, it stood out from the crowd. She wanted indoor, studio-like shots with something a little unique. I love being challenged by client requests!

Of course, I don't have a studio so I had to get creative. After some thought, I called Sacred Heart Church in Bellevue to see if I could use their space. They graciously said yes. I got there to scope it out before the shoot and the room that I was originally told I could use was full of people. It's okay, I thought. I can work with this. So, I asked to see another room that was suggested to me and it was not well-suited at all. No big deal. I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason. The hall outside the room was very dark but had this incredible stained glass window above a staircase. I had my lightweight lighting along for the ride (thanks, Kevin Kubota!) so it was an instant studio!

I spent an hour with Katie, a musical theater actress, and her lovely and very helpful husband, Jordan. We laughed the whole time and it was a blast. Looking forward to seeing where Katie's auditions take her. Break a leg, Katie!

Oh, and while you're at it, go check out my listing on Thumbtack and tell me what you think!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thank you, Kevin Kubota!

So, for the last few days, I've been watching Kevin Kubota's lightweight lighting workshop and oh em gee. It is EXACTLY what I needed. I have been experimenting with off-camera flash for a couple of years and so having a reference point for what I've already been doing is so valuable. I bought the course, of COURSE! In case you were curious, my set up is using my on-camera flash in commander mode with a Gary Fong Puffer over it, set to "--"...super low-budge, but effective until I get the PocketWizard system.

Yesterday, I got out my 3-in-1 (best $60 I've ever spent), removed the metallic cover and shot my SB-900 through it with a smaller 3-in-1 on the silver side for a kicker and got some cute portraits of my 5-year-old in our living room. The challenge is balancing the flash with ambient light! is SO HARD. And I'm an intuitive shooter. Settings are daunting to me so I go with my gut (I'm usually pretty accurate) and test. I've even got some neutral density filters on hold at Tall's for my 50 and my 85. Can't WAIT to test with them!

Thanks so much to Kevin for his incredible talents and teaching and for creativeLIVE for making him available to the masses! I've enjoyed the last few days immensely and have learned SO much. I feel more able to use any space and the rainy season here in Seattle doesn't seem as ominous because I feel I've been opened up to any indoor space. I fell more confident in asking permission to use spaces in my area and I'm not afraid of the answer anymore!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Now Booking Fall Mini Sessions!

I'm reinstating my annual mini-sessions! This is for anyone...families, couples, individuals and their pets, kids, whoever! This year, I will have four blocks of 5 time slots each. Each block will be at a different location! So you have 20 options for scheduling and 4 choices for location! How great is that?? Please contact me to book as slots will fill fast! I have settled on 2 of the 4 locations. Others to be announced. Custom designed holiday cards are an optional add-on!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Katie & Holly - Seniors

I'm pretty speechless. Feeling very blessed to have been able to shoot with not one but TWO gorgeous seniors this weekend. I am beginning to realize that this form of photography is one I am extremely passionate about. One that I am ready to put all my energy into marketing. Letting go of everything else. That is a huge step so one that will require more thought but one I'm seriously considering.

Recently, Sue Bryce did a workshop on creativeLIVE about her business and she got on the subject of seniors and the tradition in the US of getting senior portraits, which is something that just doesn't exist in Australia where she is based. She did say, however, that there is a growing market for "teenage" shoots, which she has been successfully capitalizing on. When I approached this shoot yesterday, I used so much of what I gained from listening to Sue. She kept emphasizing that a senior girl is "a girl, not yet a woman." This resonated so much with me because I wanted to capture these two in a way that conveyed their personalities as teens but also captured their youthful beauty in an artistic, fashion-forward way.

Looking forward to another shoot next weekend with another gorgeous girl and her violin! Stay tuned!

If you or someone you know is a junior and looking to score a screaming deal on senior portraits, please contact me to book for next season! I will be running an early bird special into the winter and spots will fill fast. My senior sessions are an experience, not just a shoot. Get in touch now because my book fills fast! And shooting with a friend is a fun, relaxing way to save, too, so be sure to ask about that! I'm a nice gal so gimme a call at 425.281.8312 or drop me a line at!

Holly's money shot. Lord, she's beautiful. She's also hilariously funny.

Katie is easy to laugh and full of life. Loved the challenge of getting her serious! ;)

I pinky swear you'll have a great time.

Holly's hair by Hair Ink. Make up by Kathy Mattioda.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another creativeLIVE video submission!

I had the extreme honor of being selected as a live studio audience member for a recent workshop at the creativeLIVE studio in Seattle and it was life-changing. Once again, they are bringing an incredible opportunity to work with another incredible, world-renowned photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith, in his Working with Models Workshop. He is even bringing Yoanna from ANTM Cycle 2!! (If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with ANTM.)

I am hoping to be selected for this so I can gain some insight on breaking into this industry but also so I can fuse the knowledge I gain with how I approach my senior shoots. It will come just in time since I'll be shooting with a gorgeous senior the day after the workshop ends! Thanks for reviewing my submission, creativeLIVE! Love you guys!

Monday, July 23, 2012

A baby in a belly and my brother named Smelly.

(I'm sorry, Kel! I couldn't resist! It's all out of love!)

My little brother and his beautifully expectant wife came into town from Arizona this weekend for a quick visit and baby shower. I've said it over and over again, but I will say it again. Because I really mean it. They are going to be natural parents. It is just a vibe that some people have.

They're expecting a little girl, which, somehow, for me at least, makes it that much more special that my little brother will be the father of a daughter. He is the perfect dad for a girl. He is protective, laid back and will have no problem sitting down for tea when his little one is old enough to tell him to (the operative word being "tell". If you have a daughter, you catch my drift.). Not to mention the fact that he had two older sisters who forced him to wear dresses and play girly games with growing up. :) And my sis-in-law is the perfect mom for a girl. As a talented hair stylist and make up artist, she is well-versed in getting super girly but is totally willing to get into rain boots and stomp in puddles.

I can't wait to meet their little bundle! Congratulations, Tracy and Kelly! I love you guys a ton!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Body Harmony Massage/Yoga Website Shoot

I love that my business is starting to evolve into something marketable to a more diverse demographic. This tells me a number of things. Most importantly, it validates that my efforts to widen my reach are finally becoming a reality. In any business, this is a huge accomplishment. I am passionate about entrepreneurialism and love finding new and creative ways to not only grow my own business, but help others grow theirs. So, when Tina Templeman of Body Harmony contacted me to design and build her website, I was thrilled.

The service I provide in this arena not only includes development, design and copy, but commercial photography services that provide custom stock for your website. In the next 5 years, I foresee a small staff of talented developers and creatives supporting me so I can accommodate a higher volume of clientele.

This is an interesting project because I am designing around an existing brand. Tina came to me with an identity, seeking an online presence and wisdom on how to build it. As a yoga instructor and a massage therapist, she has a unique product to offer and I am enjoying being a part of developing it into a viable business.

We began our shoot in a gorgeous upper Kirkland neighborhood at the home of one of Tina's clients. It set a great stage for headshots with Tina and her support associate, Mary Jo, who is available to Tina's clients when she is not.

In addition to corporate headshots, we were looking to get some really great stock photography of Tina doing a real massage to use for the site. She set up her massage table in a gazebo in the back yard of the home set in front of a dense grove of bamboo...perfect for invoking a true sense of zen for the next portion of the shoot. Ahh, I can't unveil too much before I launch the site! But, here is just one of my favorite shots. 

In addition to being a massage therapist, Tina is also an incredible Baptiste Certified yoga instructor and I had the extreme pleasure of sitting in and shooting one of her classes at the gorgeous Shakti Vinyasa Yoga in Bellevue. She is involved with her students, supportive and offers a challenging environment in her classes. Not only that, she leads by example. She is extremely talented at what she does and watching her practice was very inspirational.

For more information on Body Harmony, please visit the new Facebook page! Be sure to click 'Like'!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Food Lust 2012 - A Benefit for Cascade Harvest Coalition

To say I love food does not give my true feelings for it justice. For as long as I can remember, eating has not only been a necessity but a sensorial, memory-inducing experience from which I am drawn into fits of extreme nostalgia. It could be due to my early exposure to baguette and fine cheeses as a child when I went to visit my maternal grandmother and her husband, Mario, who was Italian and taught me how to eat like a true European. That is, to experience food for pleasure. It most definitely stems from my visit to Paris when I was 16 (courtesy of the same maternal grandmother), where, on Mondays, the boulangerie was closed so the week's baking of bread could be done. I remember early morning strolls down the rue, the smell of baking baguette filling the street. On Tuesday, we'd go in and order a sandwich au jambon et gruyère on warm baguette. The butter, unsalted, offset the saltiness of the jambon and the moisture played off of the density and pungence of the cheese. It is as vivid today as it was when I was 16.

So you see, I have a heavy respect for the food experience. Being behind the camera to translate my sentiments is something I am becoming increasingly passionate about. The question is: how does my food end up on my table? It's an important part of the process that often gets overlooked. But, Cascade Harvest Coalition is an organization invested in bringing more attention to it. And educating consumers and farmers alike on how to best execute it so that everyone benefits.

When I was presented with the opportunity to shoot CHC's annual benefit event, Food Lust, I, of course, jumped at the chance. Where else would I have the opportunity to get my foot in the door with professionals in the business of food who come from such diverse backgrounds? Or to see and document the farm-to-table concept in action?

The backdrop for the evening's events was Willie Green's Organic Farm, nestled in a quiet corner of rural Monroe, Washington. When I arrived, I had just enough time to tour the grounds to discover a gorgeous, well-tended produce operation that would put even the best home gardener to shame.

Vegetable starts flourish in one of the many huge greenhouses at Willie Green's Organic Farm.

Chefs and volunteers were hard at work prepping food, desserts for the famous Dessert Dash (an event where tables bid and the highest bidder gets to choose dessert for their table first), and items for the silent auction (which included items contributed by the likes of Whole Foods, Pike Brewing Co., Piccola Cellars, and some of the areas leading farmers' markets, to name just a few.)

LEFT: Slicing artisan loaves for bread plates. RIGHT: Chopping nuts for salads, chive blossoms waiting in the wings.

As guests began filtering in, the dessert table became of particular focus. The skill of the contributors shined through their confections and drew the attention of many a camera lens, including my own. The smell of marzipan, salted caramel, cinnamon, fruits, vanilla buttercream, and of course, chocolate hovered over the table like a cloud of delectably sweet smoke.

The dessert table captivated guests and volunteers alike. Even "Oyster Bill" Whitbeck.

With everything and everyone in their places, the silent auction was underway. However, it was anything but silent. It was an upbeat social hour that included music from local mandolinist, Matt Sircely and his band, New Forge, who offered up an eclectic fusion of bluegrass, funk, rock grooves and vocal harmonies that complimented the environment perfectly. Wine on tap from Piccola Cellars (yes, on tap!), soda from Dry Soda Co. and an oyster bar provided by Taylor Shellfish Farms, plus tons of incredible appetizers from some of the area's leading chefs.

Helping hands were essential to making Food Lust 2012 a success.

Eventually, the party moved to the large event greenhouse where the light was perfect for all intents and purposes. It was like a giant light box with perfectly diffused, white light. The tables were set, salads served and as guests filtered into the green house, Sheryl Wiser and Mary Embleton of Cascade Harvest Coalition took a pause to take in what they had worked so hard to create. In the wake of the shootings at Cafe Racer only days before that had devastated this tightly-knit community, emotions were running high and moments were frequently taken to give hugs, offer condolences and just take in the view of our beautiful surroundings.

Sheryl and Mary of Cascade Harvest Coalition take a brief pause during the hustle and bustle.

Outside the green house, chefs toiled over grills and bunsen burners, making use of every inch of the folding tables each were given to prep their portion of the feast. I had the extreme privilege of watching them prep and cook farm fresh ingredients in the open air. To say the least, I was awestruck. I even got a little black pepper in my eye getting down close to the grill being manned by Copperleaf Restaurant's culinary director, Roy Breiman, and executive chef, Mark Bodinet, who were busy working over their incredible entrée, grilled baby lamb, glazed sunchokes, with farro, porcini and thyme flowers. 

The progression of a gourmet, farm-to-table entrée. This is the kind of evolutionary food photography I live for.

Because any type of event photography keeps me on my feet and moving about 98% of the time, I was only able to taste one glorious entrée, prepared by Chef Seth Caswell of Queen Anne noshery, emmer&rye. It was my first experience with pork belly. And my new favorite grain, farro, which has a chewy hull on the outside but when you bite into it, delightful pop to release the soft innards of the grain. Almost like a wheat berry. I was skeptical about the whole pork belly thing but I'm a sucker for anything bacon so I was quickly converted while watching it snap, crackle and pop as it fried on the grittle. It was expertly plated just for me, two neat slices over farro tossed with seasonal green vegetables with a sort of au jus over all of it. At the risk of sounding totally cliché, the fat literally melted in my mouth. I am all about textures when I eat and this dish was a perfect balance of firmness, chewiness, crunch, and soft, tender protein.


Dinner progressed and the line for the buffet stayed long as the light began to change from early evening to dusk. Eventually, everyone was seated again and enjoying their meals, socializing and taking in the scenery. A buzz began again as dinner wound down and as plates were cleared and the night continued with the live auction and the Dessert Dash, two of the liveliest portions of an event I've ever shot. It was so fun trying to keep up with the auctioneer and who was bidding what where, I was exhausted when it was over. The Dessert Dash was hilarious and the following shot literally takes the cake. Can you imagine a barrage of foodies racing to grab gourmet treats?

Post-cake collision. The cake escaped with minimal damage. (Note: Chocolate horn on cake in background.) 

The light faded to dusk and so I made a quiet exit as the party continued in the greenhouse. Walking out to my car, I stopped to enjoy the distance. Laughter and merrymaking carried across the field. I felt good about this event. I knew I was in the right place at the right time. I have a bigger respect for farming and the value of taking advantage of your local food system. There were so many people there who are passionate about this cause and making our communities better by providing resources to everyone. Next time you go grocery shopping or even go to your local farmers' market, consider where your food is coming from. Consider the countless hours it takes to cultivate, harvest and ultimately distribute your food so that you can buy it, bring it home and feed your family.

The greenhouse at dusk.

For more information on Cascade Harvest Coalition and the resources they provide, visit their website at

For venue information, visit

I am in search of other avenues for gaining exposure for my work, mainly publication. If you are a volunteer or contributor from Food Lust and are interested in obtaining photos from the event or if you are interested in my work, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

I need to give special thanks to Chef Kristen Schumacher, my beautiful, talented friend, who allowed me to use her involvement in this event to capture these images. Without her string-pulling, you wouldn't be reading this post. For more information about her, go here.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gold Creek Pond - Perfect Backdrop for an Outdoorsy Family

Gold Creek Pond is a gorgeous location on Snoqualmie Pass that boasts a paved loop all the way around the lake, including wooded boardwalks and foot bridges that offer great backdrops for family and children's portraiture.

While it is a bit of a drive and requires a Northwest Forest Pass ($5 at various locations around the valley), the sweeping mountain views and glacial waters are well worth it.

I would love to book some sessions up here!

For more information about Gold Creek Pond, click here.