Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weymouth Family • Kelsey Creek Farm • Bellevue, WA

The Weymouths are perfect examples of return clients who have become friends and given me the honor of capturing some huge life moments. See that beautiful bride at the top of the blog? That is Randi, absolutely radiant on her wedding day. She and her husband, Matt, now have a beautiful two-year old daughter, who I have been lucky enough to get to know. She is a little ball of energy with lots of personality. She's big into running as fast as she can, usually in the opposite direction of her parents. She is also really good at smelling the daisies. She will soon be a big sister and I am so looking forward to spending time with this beautiful family again when they welcome their new little bundle into the world.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blogging, New Space, New Commitment

Who is watching the marketing workshop with Sue Bryce on creativeLIVE?? I am, I am! Every time I watch her, I am hit hard with truths I need to face. In business and in life. I am making a commitment (along with my friend, Christiana Childers) to blog not once a week but *GULP* twice a week. Not only that but I am going to be surveying all of my past clients (as many as I can get a hold of at least) to see how I can improve my products and services. Yikes. My newsletter will be coming out soon so I will be including a link to my survey there. I may even give out vouchers just for filling it out! Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

On another note, my family and I just completed a big move into a new home and I am so excited about our new space. There is tons of natural light and gorgeous birch floors to work on. Can't wait to get more babies in here! Lots of change in the air around here and I am looking forward to what life will bring! Now I just have to figure out what else to blog this week...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Elisabeth A. • TPD Senior Delegate • Sammamish High School

I am so excited about my senior program this year. I have spent countless hours refining the what and the how. Here is the promo I created for my rep for her to share, as teens love to do with those iPhones and Androids! I really hope this thing goes viral!

I am equally excited that my studio team is coagulating so well. I truly feel blessed. I now have a photo assistant/studio manager, a hugely talented second photographer and a hair and makeup artist to die for. What more could a girl ask for??