Monday, February 18, 2013

Weddings, Forming Partnerships and an Interiors Shoot • Erica B. • North Bend

I often grapple with the question "What sets me apart from other photographers?" The answer is quite clear when I think about my goals when meeting/shooting with clients. And how I make initial contact. This is where you will see the cross over between the photography side and the branding/marketing side of my studio. To illustrate this point, let's start with how Erica and I met. You may take away some insight by hearing how I see and ultimately approach projects.

After a couple of years of shooting weddings solo, I decided to take a step back and wait for a new opportunity to redevelop my wedding product. I knew that I would recognize the opportunity when it appeared to me. (Ever heard of Carl Jung's idea of Synchronicity? If not, now would be a good time to read about it. This is how I approach life, business and my pursuit of happiness.) One day, I was driving down 202 and saw Erica's sign for Just B Art & Design. After going home and doing some research finding that she was taking her years of graphic design and interior design experience into the wedding industry, it put the thought of undertaking weddings back in my head. So I reached out to her. Fast forward some months, we finally met and connected on many different levels; creatively, personality-wise and had some aligned professional goals, as well. During this period of time, I also connected with my now wedding photography partner and I am busily developing the brand for this new venture. (Case in point: Listen to your gut, you find what you need.)

At this point, you may be wondering why these details are important. My answer is this (I will try to be concise): I constantly strive to develop meaningful, personal relationships with the people I want to do business with. This is the foundation for developing my own business and ultimately, helping my clients develop theirs. It is one thing to cold call and meet for coffee. It is another to see value in a connection with a person or business before even meeting them. And this is synchronicity in action. If you can learn to have this awareness, the connections you make with other people in your personal life, business life and beyond will be that much more valuable. This is the nature of my network. I don't do a lot of cold calling. My social media followings are modest but they are valuable. I have met a majority of my fans and followers in person. My clients become good friends and I pride myself in that. 

These concepts are often easy to forget in the era of social media. Everyone has access to everything and often, especially in the creative industry, a thousand 'Likes' on Facebook can be misconstrued as this business is better than that business because of that fact alone. I am here to tell you that this is absolutely not the case. Don't misinterpret this statement as me discounting the value of social media as a business development tool. For that purpose, it truly is valuable. But only if executed properly. My studio provides this insight in the form of an array of branding and marketing solutions geared toward small (and large) businesses.

With all of this in mind, let's go back to Erica and what she does. She is a treasure trove of talent (pardon the unintentional alliteration). I get so excited when I encounter people like Erica because I know that I have followed my intuition and there is a reason our paths have crossed. You can imagine how excited I was when she hired me to photograph her biggest portfolio piece: her home. This is the ultimate compliment. She entrusted her art to me by allowing me to use my own to capture it. (Note to other creatives: when you are hired by another artist, PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK.) 

Erica can take a space and make it come alive. Her use of colors and textures, contrast and compliment and personalized pieces with meaning tell me that, she, too, is an intuitive artist and has a pulse on her environment and how to shape it to its fullest potential.

The great room exudes warmth, welcome and eclectic charm.

Erica is always good for conversation over a cup of tea. We chat about texture, color and life.

The media room offers a more neutral palette and plenty of natural light. Although it is open to the great room, there is a perfect balance of contrast and compliment so you know you are entering a separate space and the design remains insightfully cohesive.

Oranges in the kitchen were literal and interpreted, warm and familial.

The dining area brought natural light and neutrals with bold darks, warm lighting and natural fixtures full circle to naturally transition outdoors, where we'd find Erica's masterminding space.

A modest independent structure, erica's office is lovingly bespeckled with meaningful decor pieces that she says is the basis for her interior design philosophy. She enthusiastically professes her love of designer, Nate Berkus, who's book, The Things That Matter, is never far from reach.

For more information on Erica and her work, visit her website at Go 'Like' her on Facebook, too!

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  1. Gorgeous photos! I'd love to do interiors. I would absolutely love to try a shoot like this.