Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Double Senior Session • Kyle & Makayla • Snoqualmie/Preston, WA

Being a Northwest photographer means having the ability to be flexible. The weather is unpredictable and as the summer closes, rainy days become more frequent. I am still navigating the realm of darkness at 4pm and am continually trying to improve my indoor capabilities by equipping my studio set up with new and better things. But every now and then, I am graced with patient clients who are willing to brave a sudden rainstorm and still rock their shoot like pros. Kyle and Makayla were no exception. While we did do some more shooting on a drier day, the first 4 collages of images below were captured during the flash storm back in August that caused rivers to swell and records to be broken. Finding shelter in an abandoned mill proved to be the perfect backdrop.

Special Thanks: 

Kimberley & Kyle, Makayla & Jennifer, Jill O'Donnell (Owner, Salon O), Tracy Monahan (Hair & Makeup)

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