Monday, December 10, 2012

Claire D. - A Model Mom-to-Be

Claire and I were in choir together in high school. We were also in Physics senior year. I was reminded of her obsession with all things red in this shoot and it brought to mind another fading memory of our adolescence. She had this lip gloss that was in a little pot. It was sheer red and I remember wanting it on the spot. I totally copied her and bought it the next day. 

Years have past and she still has a "thing" for red. She is expecting not one, but two girls and she was positively radiant in this shoot. I love everything about these images and I couldn't have asked for a more lovely subject. And her hubby, Jeff, was such a sport and cooperated with all my direction and both of them even appreciated a recently-acquired joke that I wouldn't tell just any clients. Annnnd, when viewing the shoe image, I made a subtle reference to the viral YouTube sensation entitled "Shoes" and she got it! I didn't even have to explain it to her! She doesn't know it (well, now she does) but that made us BFF's for life.

Feast your eyes on some gorgeousness.

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