Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thank you, Kevin Kubota!

So, for the last few days, I've been watching Kevin Kubota's lightweight lighting workshop and oh em gee. It is EXACTLY what I needed. I have been experimenting with off-camera flash for a couple of years and so having a reference point for what I've already been doing is so valuable. I bought the course, of COURSE! In case you were curious, my set up is using my on-camera flash in commander mode with a Gary Fong Puffer over it, set to "--"...super low-budge, but effective until I get the PocketWizard system.

Yesterday, I got out my 3-in-1 (best $60 I've ever spent), removed the metallic cover and shot my SB-900 through it with a smaller 3-in-1 on the silver side for a kicker and got some cute portraits of my 5-year-old in our living room. The challenge is balancing the flash with ambient light! is SO HARD. And I'm an intuitive shooter. Settings are daunting to me so I go with my gut (I'm usually pretty accurate) and test. I've even got some neutral density filters on hold at Tall's for my 50 and my 85. Can't WAIT to test with them!

Thanks so much to Kevin for his incredible talents and teaching and for creativeLIVE for making him available to the masses! I've enjoyed the last few days immensely and have learned SO much. I feel more able to use any space and the rainy season here in Seattle doesn't seem as ominous because I feel I've been opened up to any indoor space. I fell more confident in asking permission to use spaces in my area and I'm not afraid of the answer anymore!

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